Making Australia

Baz Intro On set photography Design Costume

Baz Luhrmann introduces his newest motion picture Australia and the Set to Screen podcast series.



Learn about the demanding role of behind the set photographers who capture the making of major motion pictures.



Oscar winner Catherine Martin tells the Australia story set by set.





Oscar winner Catherine Martin shows how costumes reveal--and change with--a character.




Locations Locations 2 Director of photography Sound

Director Baz Luhrmann shares how he uses the landscape to amplify and express drama in the film Australia.





See how Director Baz Luhrmann uses the enormous scale of on-location shooting in Australia and seamlessly combines it with intimate filming on man-made sound studios in Sydney.



Meet Mandy Walker, Director of Photography for Australia, and learn the importance of her critical role in creating the visual language that helps tell a story on the big screen.



Wayne Pashley, supervising sound designer for Australia, gives an overview of how he combines on-set recordings and post production sound effects to let viewers see the movie with their ears.



Music Editing Visual Effects

Baz Luhrmann and his team of musicians explain the intimate connection between the on-screen picture and the emotional music backdrop for the film Australia.





During the final steps of post production, the editing team for Australia provides insight into how they carefully go about crafting a balanced piece of work that is true to the script, true to the director's vision, and true to what was shot on the set.


The visual effects team explain the different effects and techniques used in this movie both on set and on location.






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